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Rounded Corners

Instructions for Installing Butterfly Inlay Patches
See Our
Frequently Asked Questions for More Details

What you will need:

Hot melt glue (general purpose clear)
--Router or laminate trimmer equipped with an inlay set (outer bushing removed) and 1/8” downcut spiral bit
--Small wood chisel or sturdy knife

Note: The solid brass router inlay set with 1/8” downcut spiral bit is available
here.  Laminate trimmers that have the correct size of hole in the baseplate include the Porter-Cable model PCE6430 (click the link for the best price we have found). Other routers may need a base plate adaptor for Porter Cable® bushings.

Our recommended procedure (see
FAQ’s for more details):

Install patches during the middle of the final sanding process on the outer surface of the bowl.

1. Layout locations for the desired placement.
2. Use small dabs of hot melt glue to attach the template to the wood*.
3. With the outer bushing removed from the inlay set and the 1/8” downcut spiral bit set to the desired depth, rout out the recess in stages, clearing chips as necessary.
4. Carefully pull off the template and remove excess glue.
5. Use a sharp chisel or knife to square up the rounded corners of the recess (omit this step for the Dolphin, Turtle, Heart and
rounded corner patches).
6. Check the fit and glue the butterfly into place, with the labeled side installed downward
7. Sand away most of the butterfly patch wood that is proud of the surface prior to continuing with the final sanding process on the lathe.

*Recently several users have had success by applying masking tape to the work piece and then attaching the template to the tape with hot melt glue.  This can facilitate easier removal of the glue.

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